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Hello Folks!

Over the last ten days, Mother Nature has teased us with 17 inches of snow and freezing temps followed by a few days of more moderate temps and then for grins and giggles threw in a couple of 65 degree days with soul warming sunshine!!! But just to make sure we did not decide Winter was over, she left some snow on North facing slopes! And according to famous Punxsutawney Phil, winter is not over yet!!!

But I have to tell you that the Frog Chorus that we all enjoy so much in the spring spent all weekend practicing!! So spring can’t be too far behind!!

On the grandson front, Mama Lenna and Papa Frank are proud to say that all four grandsons earned spots on the A-B Honor Roll. So come buy lots of wine. Our pockets are depleted as we pay cash for A’s and B’s !!!!

We always have live music on Saturdays, so come spend a leisurely afternoon at RagApple Lassie sampling awesome wines, (this week we welcome Sandy Herrault on the violin and keyboard), watching the ‘game’ or keeping up with the score on TV, test your jigsaw puzzle prowess, meeting new friends, or just relaxing!!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Rainbows and joy,
Lenna and Frank


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Hello Folks:

As predicted, last week’s weather was for the record books! Mother Nature began with hours of heavy snow, followed by hours of sleet and freezing rain, and then bid adieu with hours of soft fluffy snow. And as if apologizing for a horrid twenty-four hours, the final snow decorated every limb and twig so beautifully that it took one’s breath! In fact, I willingly and joyfully squandered hours just admiring Mother Nature’s handiwork!

“Neither sleet nor snow, etc. …” shall keep Cupid from its appointed rounds. Saturday’s Annual Valentine Wine Lunches (which were a sell-out prior to the snows) did not have a single cancellation!!! In fact, the phone rang constantly on Friday making sure WE had not cancelled the lunch!!!!

And now for a true story that will warm your heart! Friday evening (Valentine’s Day) about five o’clock, we made a quick stop at a small local grocery for one needed item. There were two men in line in front of me in the check-out lane: one about 35 and one about 80. They both had a bud vase of roses in their hands and it was obvious they knew each other. After exchanging a couple of pleasantries, the younger man, with dancing eyes and a teasing smile, said in a tongue and cheek sort of way, with no malice whatsoever: “Ed, I kinda know what I will get for this,” as he held up the vase of flowers in his hand, “So what do you think you’ll get?” Without a second’s hesitation and the sweetest of smiles, Ed quietly said, “This is a thank you for 58 years worth of dividends!” Everyone should be so lucky to have an “Ed” in their life and I do, but his name is Frank!!!

As a reminder, the second weekend of the Yadkin Winter Reds is Saturday and Sunday. More information is available at http://www.visityadkin.com.

Think Spring and come see us soon!

Rainbows and joy,
Lenna and Frank

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