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I loved growing up on the farm.  There was a big warm barn to sleep in at night and nice green pastures to play in during the day.  The sky was so blue, the grass so green and there was even a  mountain in the distance with a little nob on top.  There were lots of different smells and I loved them all.  I especially liked the smell of hay and feed and of the earth being turned in the fields by the big green tractor. 

I made friends with all the other farm animals.  There was the rooster that crowed every morning to wake up all the cows, horses, chickens, ducks, sheep and even a goat.  But I liked the little piglets best.  They were a lot smaller than me but were so cute and made a lot of noise grunting and squealing inside their pen. 

But most of all, I loved Frank, Jr., and he loved me, too!  Many times everyday he came to the pasture to pet me and feed me treats from his pockets.  He also told me all the things we were going to do together, like go to the calf shows all over North Carolina.  But first I needed to learn how to act when we went out in public.

Part Three…coming soon!

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